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Company Name:
Configuration/Change Management/ Annapolis Junction, MD/ TS/SCI with Poly clearance
Job Description:
This position will support the program's Change Manager (CM) in the management of all changes impacting program business, facilities, development, security, operations, and maintenance environments, to include documentation, review, approval, coordination, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of requests for change (RFC) in order to support the reduction of unplanned downtime caused by improperly implemented changes.
This position will support Department of Defense Intelligence Community customers and assist in the implementation of change management planning, organization, direction, monitoring, and control in the execution of proper change management processes and procedures. Responsible for supporting changes to project documentation such as engineering drawings, production specifications, process workflow diagrams and guides, policies, schedules, and requirements modifications to ensure customer requirements are met. CM support will include the application of process knowledge to analyze proposed changes to design in order to determine the impact on overall products and systems; and for reviewing, analyzing, and coordinating change data with engineering, development, quality control, support services, and various data-control activities.
Support the management of changes to the baseline configuration of all systems.
Establish change orders and requests for changes, and preparing for change authorization and documentation by the customer.
Coordinate modification records for effective change management control.
Analyze proposed changes to effect change orders and change authorizations. Coordinate changes across program functional areas, e.g., services, infrastructure, facilities, security, networks, etc.
Execute the change process so that only approved and validated changes are incorporated into hardware and software systems and documentation.
Identify and document change processes and procedures across multiple disciplines, i.e., Business, Security, Infrastructure, Administration, Management, Facilities, and Development.
Track changes to project baselines and new requirements, as well as regularly track project, master schedule, and control gate progress.
Manage, report and track operations board approved system outages, actions, progress, and completion.
Support project teams in defining and documenting baseline project changes.
Manage change process for all systems and system documentation.
Schedule and perform periodic audits of change-related documents to ensure information is up-to-date.
Regularly process discrepancy reports, requirements, build reports, investigation reports, requests for change, and operation change reports.
Develop, document, deploy, implement, and manage change processes and procedures.
Manage changes to change processes, to include workflows and documentation.
Establish and maintain new and existing change schedules.
Communicate clearly with the customer verbally and in writing to coordinate changes.
Record and monitor changes to configuration items identified in the configuration management database for tracking and security accountability.
Track and report change statistics.
Support Requirement Review Board meetings to review and process new requirement requests.
Support meetings to update change information in applicable file records and troubleshoot problems related to change board actions and issues.
Provide customer service by applying knowledge of customer needs, meeting quality standards, and evaluating customer satisfaction. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist